Yeah, It’s Been a While

For those of you who are counting it’s been more than a month since our last post. I have started to do more stuff on Facebook and Instagram as it’s a bit more immediate and takes less preparation (less writing too!). So, this post might be just a bit long as I catch up.

We’ve had a few visitors, including our Grandkids and Jocelyn for a couple of days as well as Jason followed by the Freak of Nature, Sylvia’s Dad, and Joan.

The grandkids were here to  celebrate Ayden’s and Jocelyn’s birthdays and had a great visit with them and Jocelyn’s folks. We even bought a new toy, an Ice Cream Maker so we could produce some frozen Non-Dairy treats that Ayden can eat. I think we were classified as having  hero status when we kept serving the kids Ice Cream cones, but isn’t that what grandparents do? 

With all the flooding here in the Okanagan Valley there wasn’t a chance to do anything on the water with the kids except wonder about what might have been. They didn’t look impressed.


Next we had our neighbours over for dinner to welcome them to the community. Since they’ve been here for a year it was about time. Roland and Brenda are fun people, and we had a great night. We even tried out a special ice cream dish made with Avocados. It looked far better than it tasted, unfortunately.

Then we were pleased to entertain Jason for a  short time; he  had a few days in Canada as he needed to be in Calgary to tie up some business and popped in for a visit. We put him to work for a bit cleaning up some of our pictures that we planned to print on canvas. More on that later.

We also had a short visit with Full Time Rv’ers, Mr. and Mrs. Maxx of the blog, Maxx Trails. We had visited with them this winter while they were staying in Apache Junction and were pleased to invite them to our home. It turns out that Mr. Maxx was an electrician in his former life and his company did the wiring for our house. He actually knew our place well, and I have an invoice in the files we inherited with the house that he had signed.

We’ve had lots of feathered friends visiting us this spring. The Finches and Hummingbirds have spent some time arguing over the sugar water in our feeder. It’s made for some interesting viewing.

We’ve also had a family of Big Horned owls appear in the ravine behind our house. They’ve been fun to watch, but have made it rather quiet at times in the ravine, as the other birds have kept their heads down. IMG_4287


Our yard is looking pretty good this spring, and the cool wet weather early on has helped out a lot. The typical Okanagan heat is starting to show up, and things are drying out, but not before we’ve had a chance to enjoy the flowers.

The newest aquatic feature in the valley this summer are Sand Bags. All told, they’ve placed 1.7  million of them along the lake and creeks around here. Now that the water is finally receding, they need to find a place to put all the sand. They don’t want it put in the lake as it might be contaminated, but now that the forest fire season is starting, all the forestry interns they were using to fill the sandbags are being redeployed to the forests. I think it might be a while before they’re all picked up.

Now’s the time for Pictures of our Pictures. For a couple of years we’ve wanted to mount some of our better pictures and when Jason was here we put him to work and he cleaned up some of them for us. We ended up mounting 7 pictures ranging from 16×20 inches (the Quail) to 24×36 inches (the Heart and the Indian Paintbrush). They look great, far better in person than they will on the blog, so if you want to see them, come on by for a visit.


One of our resident Quail sitting in our Clematis. What a fat little guy.


Indian Paintbrush in Colorado.


Columbine in Colorado. We’ve planted a bunch of these and hopefully we can show them off next year.


Antelope Canyon in Arizona.


KVR Rail Trail near Kelowna. That’s Jocelyn and the boys in the pic.


A cute bird from Colorado. Jason did a lot of work in this picture taking out the imperfections in the various leaves among other things.

Aravaipa Canyon in Arizona. We hiked this creek in 2016.

So along with our regular days of Pickleball, Softball, Music concerts and keeping up with the yard work that’s what our month has been. I make no promises that we won’t be another month before we put together another blog. We hope you have a great summer. We’re pretty sure we will.


9 responses to “Yeah, It’s Been a While

  1. Nice pics. One day I will organize mine so I can print a few.

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  2. Well, yes, I was wondering. Glad you are busy, happy and well.

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  3. Glad to hear that all is well with you guys! Like the pictures!

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  4. I am tired from reading about all of your activities. A bit confused about the photos, do you mean that Jason did some photoshop on them. as to mounting, do you mean framed? Have you ever had a photo printed on canvas and then framed? Very different effect.


    • Jason just did a bit of Photoshop cleanup and focus adjustment
      / blurring on the pics to highlight what was important. They’re all on framed Canvas, though we did a few different effects on the edges, Black, Image Wrap, and Mirror depending on what looked best. We had most of them printed at Costco as it was cheaper, but the last one was done at London Drugs for comparison purposes. I have to admit, they all look good, but the LD print does look better.


  5. We sure enjoyed our visit, thanks for hosting 😊 I love the picture of KVR, actually all the pictures are great!

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  6. And so, while I was reading the comments, there was a reference to your “new place” and then I remembered that you bought a park home. Meanwhile, I have enough to do with just one place.


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