Let the Hiking Begin

We managed to get in a 5.5 mile hike with 32 other members of the club here at Canyon Vistas today. It was almost a perfect day for a hike, with brilliant blue skies and warm temperatures. The night before was a bit iffy though, as we experienced a sudden rainstorm in the middle of the night. It made me wonder if we would be hiking, but by morning the skies were virtually cloudless and the skies were exceptionally clear.







We’ve been here in Arizona for almost a week now, and have played some pickleball, been picked up by a softball team, cleaned the RV, caught up with friends, and met some new ones already. Oh, and we’ve also been sent some pictures of what we’ve been missing at home. Snow, and lots of it. Arizona is much better for my disposition than shovelling snow. Here’s our yard after the first little snowfall. Since then, there’s been about another 8 inches accumulate, and it doesn’t seem to want to warm up and melt. We got away just in time.


Not much is happening with our new home down here, but when it does, I’ll let you know.


3 responses to “Let the Hiking Begin

  1. Always enjoy your blogs Rod! Can’t wait to get to CV. Rick and I are battling pneumonia etc after our trip to Vietnam so that is putting our trip south a bit behind but will be there soon. Something about the sun, warmth and friends there that just brings a big smile to my face! Enjoy your new CV “home”.

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  2. Welcome back! Seems early for snow in the Okanagan. Bet you’re glad to be in AZ!

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    • Yes, we sure are glad to be here. It was more Good Luck than Good Management that we came down when we did. The 10 day forecast the day we left looked very nice, so we weren’t in that much of a hurry, but the show started in earnest 5 days after we pulled out. Whew!

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