We Gots A Permit!

In the seemingly never ending Saga of our addition here in Gold Canyon, we received some good news on Wednesday. Our permit was finally approved and was delivered to us this morning. Now we await the beginning of the Construction (next week?) and I have to get busy finding more places to store the stuff we have placed in our ‘soon to be gone’ Laundry and Workshop.

About time!


6 responses to “We Gots A Permit!

  1. Dave Luce Smith

    Good news

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  2. It’s good to hear you “gotter done!” Hope construction goes well, eg, ahead of schedule and under budget!


  3. Plans look great. Lots of living space with the addition. Must be a real wide lot with the parking beside the new Az room if I’m looking at the plans correctly.


  4. 75 feet across the rear of the lot. It’s why we wanted it.


  5. Finally. Let the fun begin!


  6. Hip,Hip,Hurrah glad you finally got it!!


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