Not Another New Hike??

For the third hiking day in a row Sylvia and I experienced new territory on our little walks in the desert. This week we were convinced to head to a spot called Robbers Roost.  This involves climbing up a trail called Carney Springs that we have heard about for several years but never managed to get to. It is about a 3 mile trek that is quite a stair climber on steroids.

In the attached sketch it is represented by the first third of the track. The leisurely  flat section was a side trek between parking lots because we were starting from one trailhead and finishing at another. We parked in the middle of both of them to try and eliminate long walks on a dusty desert road trafficked by drivers who didn’t seem to care that they were showering us with Arizona’s Famous dust as they drove by. Once the leisurely walk was done we seemed to go almost straight up for 90 minutes and climbed almost 2000 feet. In case you’re wondering, my phone app is set up for metric, and on top of it, it seems to record a bit short compared to the GPS units used by my fellow hikers. According to the pro units this was an 8 mile (12.8km) hike with 2400 feet (730 M) of Elevation gain. I feel even more tired now.

It was another gorgeous sunny day for a hike, and for the most part we were in brilliant sunshine all day. It made for a warm afternoon, but a great start in the morning.

We were on our way to the top, and even further.IMG_4842-001

There were 23 in our group, but unfortunately 3 had to turn back due to previous injury and health issues. (we found out that a pacemaker can’t quite keep up with the stress of a sustained climb).


Partway up.


Still Smiling.


Ninety minutes later we were at the top of the ridge. That peak in the distant background is 5057, the highest peak in the Superstition Mountains. The route we took is a common path to get there, but I sure wouldn’t want to climb down it after a hard day’s hike.


By this point we were at almost 4000 feet of elevation and I was surprised to see how many Pinon Pine trees were thriving along the ridge. We found some water and evidence of a spring that obviously feeds a little gully. This area was greener than almost anything else we’ve seen this winter.




At this point we were still looking up at Peak 5057, the highest point in the Superstitions, but not too far up.


We stopped for lunch in a great spot with interesting rock formations and spectacular views.


We passed by Lizard Rock. There’s a story here, but I can’t repeat what someone called it.


Before long we found yet another view of Weaver’s Needle. Over the years I have posted dozen’s of pictures of this pinnacle. It is a favourite of all the hikers in the club. The views up here were special.




Before we knew it we were at Fremont Saddle and walking back towards our vehicles. We were on this same route a few weeks ago, but the views were just a little bit different. I’ll let you figure out which are this week’s pictures.









This last picture was done for a purpose. I have captioned it ‘The Tough Girls’. A few of these ladies were told that they shouldn’t come on this hike as it was too tough for them. They were thrilled to finish, and just to put a shine on it, the fella who said they shouldn’t go came up lame with a pulled calf and had to go home half way up the climb. Don’t get in these ladies way, EVER.

There is yet another new (to us anyway) hike planned for Friday, but (fortunately) some friends of ours from Campbell River called and want to drop by on Friday. I’m not sure we could go if we wanted to. We’re a bit worn out.


5 responses to “Not Another New Hike??

  1. Love the photos
    Sounds like such a great day.💖

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  2. Wow ! what a hike!!

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  3. Great scenery. And well done the tough women!


  4. Wow what a hike! Lizard Rock was creepy, if you hadn’t noted before the pic that it was called lizard my computer might have gone across the room, as it was I bypassed that pic pretty quickly 🙂 What a difference a week makes, that was interesting comparing the pictures.

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  5. Great pics. So miss hiking this year. Broken arm, wonky knee and sprained ankle have kept us off the trails. Next year I guess.


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