Home Progress

It’s been a couple of weeks since I posted pictures of the progress of our Reno here in Gold Canyon. Lots has been accomplished, although from day to day it’s difficult to see much progress from the outside, as a lot of the work has been done inside the walls.

I have spent a  few days working on the place as Head Go-Fer and Chief Tool. (No pithy comments from our lowbrow friends please)

On Feb 24th it was quite cool here in Arizona, and we took advantage of having the walls in place to sit inside and enjoy our little Sunroom. Dana and Deb came by for a visit and she insisted on documenting the occasion of our first  Happy Hour in the new AZ Room.


I have to admit it was quite comfortable being protected from the cool breeze and sitting in the sunshine.

Since then we have had the roof installed, and I was there to help push the trusses onto the roof. The plan is to have an access hatch to the attic where we can store useful stuff like a Christmas Tree. (Useful??)

IMG_5155We have decided to not have a window in our bathroom (it is on the Sunny South side of the house) as there wasn’t a lot of room to place a decent sized one. Instead we’ve added a 2’ X 4’ Skylight and it provides quite a bit of light.


The pocket doors have been installed, and this one accesses our storage closet in the AZ room. We decided to go with pocket doors as they don’t impact the space in the rooms as much as a swinging door would. Despite people thinking we are building a HUGE room, there is not a great deal of space we can waste.


Our Front Door was installed this week. Originally this was going to be our only view north to the Superstition Mountains. We’re glad we decided to add the extra window.


This is a view of where our Shower stall is going to be. No, it’s not the little space in the center of the frame. The 5 foot shower will be on the right, and a storage/linen cabinet will be put beside it eventually.


This morning I hung around and helped with the installation of the Fascia and Soffits on the addition. Our Builder is a One-Man show most of the time, and giving him a hand once in a while is necessary to help him get things done that he’d have to hire help for, or take risks to do by himself. Besides, I kind of enjoy handling Air Nailers and big pieces of lumber.

The white support is what the old roof was mounted on. The extra height is what give people the impression that we are adding a huge structure. That support will be relocated  to mount the awning over our parking area. Then our truck will be fully shaded.


I find it interesting how many folks walk by and comment on the progress, or mention how ‘quick’ things are going when we see them elsewhere in the park. More than a few times while we’re having coffee in the morning we have caught people up on our deck looking through the windows. As the windows in the Park Model are heavily tinted they don’t know we are watching them as they are peeping in the windows. It’s kinda funny, but just a bit creepy.

Lots of folks who stop and chat while we are working are surprised when they find out I am the owner, and not just a hired hand. One fella today just wouldn’t believe that we designed the plan ourselves, and are also working on it. Not many people are as Hand’s On as I am I guess.

We’re out of town on a camping trip next week, so in a couple of weeks I should be posting some more progress pictures. Maybe siding???


6 responses to “Home Progress

  1. Dave Luce Smith

    Looking great

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Beverly Stuart

    I thought you were retiring.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. It is going to look like a different place than the one you bought. Hope a lot of the work gets completed before you have to head North.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. It’s looking good! Hubby would be right out there working as well. Very creepy the people looking in your window, next time you should shove your face against the window and scare them … or maybe not since they are probably seniors and may have heart attacks 🙂


  5. Rod, I suspect your “hands-on” is just another sign of your uncommon youth among some of your visitors. Helps keeps us old folks “younger” too.


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