Sedona Day 2

After our previous hike to Soldier’s Pass our group got together to have yet another Potluck dinner. This time it was to finish off the leftover from the previous day. Like most Crockpot and potluck friendly meals, it was even better the second day.

After the dinner we all hung around the fire and discussed where to go for our next adventure. The consensus was to head to a creek and hop boulders for 4 miles or so up a shallow grade. While this didn’t appeal to us a lot (we do a fair bit of boulder hopping in Gold Canyon already) we decided to head out with the crowd as we didn’t know where else would be better. By the morning we got educated on what would be a better hike by Deb and Dana and headed off with them to explore Broken Arrow/ 3 Hogs trail. It turned out that we were just the first to have second thoughts about boulder hopping, as the entire hiking contingent changed tacks and ended up in various spots in the Sedona area enjoying the scenery.

Broken Arrow is another popular spot, and is also accessible by Jeep  and we saw several of them on the trail, including many ‘Pink’ Jeeps which is an adventure touring company in Sedona. We met up with several of their clients while we were walking along the places where our paths crossed. One even took pains to explain to us how dangerous some of the various plants were along the trail. She had obviously been given the 30 second ‘Be Safe in the Desert’ course and had to pass on her knowledge. City Folks.


It was a great day, and the skies were filled with just enough wispy clouds.


Early on in the hike we saw lots of what we thought were dust clouds kicked up by the Jeeping crowd. Boy were we wrong.  I turned out that the breeze was kicking up clouds of pollen off the Juniper Trees. (Now who is a City Boy?) It was startling to see how much pollen could come off a tree at one time. All of a sudden my nose started running Big Time.

IMG_5290IMG_5297IMG_5298We were on our way to Chicken Point and while most of the way was on hiking trails we saw quite a few jeeps trying their luck on inclines and plateaus.

That long flat rock in the valley is called Submarine Rock, and is a popular climbing spot.IMG_5338


Chicken Point is a very popular location and is the end of the line for the Jeep Tours. It’s really hard to get a picture here without people in it. We spent lots of time herding folks away from our sightlines when we tried to get close up shots.


From here we walked back along Broken Arrow and headed to High on the Hog, Hog Heaven and Hog Wash trails. There were no jeeps on this section of the trail, but we did run into a couple of Mountain Bikers with a Death Wish.


The view were spectacular all day, and I took a lot of great photos. Most of them over Debbie’s Shoulder.


Sedona is a very pretty spot and is built to enhance the scenery, not impact it. I don’t think there’s a building over 2 stories tall anywhere.


Lots of dead, but interesting trees.


Sylvia found the house she would like to live in once we move to Sedona. Nice views from the ‘little’ Green house.


After the hike we headed to Chapel in the Rock, which was built right into the rock in 1956 and is yet another popular spot for Tourists.


Just below the chapel is yet another little home. I think Deb wants to move into this one when she convinces Dana to move to Sedona.




And that was our second day hiking. Next stop Jerome Arizona, tomorrow.


6 responses to “Sedona Day 2

  1. Beautiful pictures again, Rod! That second “little” house that you saw from the church was just being built when Larry and I were there a few years ago. Looks even more impressive now that it’s done. Guess that’s how the other half lives!!


  2. We love that Sedona country! We “borrowed” o 5 – 10 pound red rock from there and put it in Norma’s flower garden at home. Within two years it had lost all it’s colour!


  3. That’s interesting what Croft said about the rocks loosing their color! Sedona is my favorite place for hiking but the jeep tours can be very annoying so we try to avoid their areas … although that’s not easy, they are everywhere! Enjoy Jerome, it is an interesting place to visit.


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