The Hurrier I Go

The behinder I get it seems.

Our time in Arizona is growing short, (less than a week left) although I was warned by our neighbours that we shouldn’t consider heading home until at least May, as the weather in the Okanagan is still not what one might consider warm. In fact, it’s still snowing some evenings, but that isn’t stopping the local gang from taking up semi-permanent residence in our yard.


I have been informed that I will need a shovel and a very large pail to deal with all the presents they are leaving in the yard this winter….Oh well. Such is the cost of not being home and firing Ice Cubes at them all winter.

I left off the last blog talking about our great trip to Sedona. The last day we were there was cooler and wetter, and as we had done some long hikes already we spent the day with Dana and Debbie exploring the ‘Ghost City’ of Jerome. In it’s heyday as a mining town there were upwards of 5000 people living on the hillside but now there are less than 500. Most of those folks seem to be artisans or at least salespeople for art shops, as there are seemingly dozens of little art galleries and craft shops in town.

Our first stop was at the museum which is the original home of the family who owned the mine that gave the town it’s purpose. It was a very large and elaborate home for it’s time, and even had a built-in Vacuum system that was installed in 1915. It is about the size of a small car.IMG_5418The view of the town from the museum. We are up at about 5000’ elevation here, but didn’t see any snow, although there was some on the other side of the ridge behind the town.


We spent several hours wandering the shops (without buying anything but a T-shirt), stopped for a beverage at the Oldest Family owned Saloon in Arizona, and had a great meal at one of the many restaurants in town. When I looked up the ratings for a spot to eat, it seems there were none with less and 4.5 * ratings.

Ok, I guess I will show you the Saloon picture.


By the afternoon, the weather improved, and we got a nice view of the Cottonwood area in the Verde River valley. Nice Rainbow too.



We went home the next day, and were quite please to see the progress on the house. I promise to show some pictures before we head North. We had one curious occurrence though. It seems someone wanted to see what the view from our new living space would be and moved our deck chairs inside in front of the window. I know I had them stacked up in front of the house to keep them out of the way of the contractor, but he tells us they just appeared inside when he arrived one morning. I guess someone wanted to watch the Sunset from our spot. Not cool.

We do have a shower stall in our addition though. It’s all hooked up and ready to go as long as we don’t mind getting the floor wet.


The next blog will be pictures of our last hike of the season. Like I said, things are winding down.


6 responses to “The Hurrier I Go

  1. Sedona, Cottonwood and Jerome. What a great trifecta. We have loved our visits there. Took a bike ride over to your park about a week ago. Saw a Taj Ma Hall under construction. Suspect it was yours. Very nice.
    We are winding down as well. Sunday we head north.


  2. It is a bit bigger than the Taj Ma Tent we used to live in. Good to see you are on a bike. Your appendage must be working better 👍🏻


  3. When we were building our place on the lake we had folks bring their chairs into our living room and enjoy their happy hour there. Needless to say we were most upset and those folks have never been invited into our yard or home.


    • It sure makes you scratch your head, doesn’t it. I don’t think we will ever find out who did it without a confession, but I sure would like to.


      • We only know as someone say them and told us. When we asked them they said that they did not think that we would mind! We didn’t even have the first happy hour in our own place 😦


  4. The weather has been better the last few days so it may be okay to come home and move out your winter tenants 🙂

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