88F to 38F

We got away fairly early on Monday and drove to Alamo Nevada. The thermometer registered kid 80’s all day and it was still 76 in Alamo when we were setting up.

When we got up in the morning it was 46, and that was almost the high for the day. We ended up taking the long route North towards Eloy, as we were talking so much I missed the turn and didn’t notice for about 20 miles. Oh well, we got to see Caliente (which translates to Hot, but wasn’t) and saw lots of icicles hanging from the various hayfield irrigation structures.

It finely reached 50F by the time we got to Eloy, and was still 46 when we set up for the night in Jackpot Nevada.

This is a nice quiet park next to a Casino, but I wish they had told me there was no water when I registered. I guess a shower will have to wait until Boise. When we got up this morning it was 38F but 24 hours earlier it was 17 and snowing, so I am not complaining….much.

We are stopping in Boise to visit our Twins who are house shopping there right now, and should be back in Kelowna by the weekend. As long as it doesn’t snow in the mountains.


4 responses to “88F to 38F

  1. Jeanette and René

    Continued safe drive back for home. We made it back yesterday afternoon.😀 Nice weather all the way back.


  2. The water taps have been shut off every time we have stayed in that park. There is a place to fill up your water tank in the rear RV park.


  3. Sounds like your navigator fell down on the job 🙂


  4. Safe travels ❣️

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