Progress on our Kitchen

Just a quick note before we head out the door to visit Family in Abbotsford. We need to let our new sink sit for a day or so to set up anyway.

5 Weeks ago.unnamed2

Thursday morning.


Thursday Afternoon.


It took a crew of 5 to lift that rather large piece of Granite into place. I watched while a lady from our neighbourhood stood at our front door and kept saying ‘I hope they don’t drop it’. I finally asked her to leave as the crew was having enough issues without all the ‘positive’ reinforcement.

I will pick up the parts to reattach the sink today and get it all working tomorrow.

While the crew worked on the granite, I kept myself busy in the yard and finally managed to get some pics of our Roses. They’re looking great this year. Now I keep waiting for the Deer to show up and mow them down.



7 responses to “Progress on our Kitchen

  1. Very nice job you guys!


  2. Connie Brougham

    Your Roses do look great-and I bet they smell great too. All flowers, both wild and residential seem to be thriving this year! Enjoy your trip to Abbotsford,. safe travels!

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  3. I love the new counters! And the roses are very pretty as well 🙂 Hopefully you make it back from Abbotsford without hitting any snow on the Coquihalla.

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  4. Nice work and the improvements look great.

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  5. Great job on the kitchen Rod. Your roses are beautiful. Now for me if you could just use your wordsmith skills to describe their aroma such that I could vicariously enjoy that as well. I really like roses and always take the time to smell them.


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