We Are Off

Like the proverbial Turd of Hertles we drove out of our driveway on our Annual Winter jaunt to Gold Canyon Arizona.

As we are apparently moving in to our yet to be Completed Park Model addition we brought quite a bit of furniture and Patio gear that we wouldn’t normally have along, to the point that I was contemplating renting a U-haul trailer to bring more ‘stuff’ along.

In the end, a trailer was not required, but no one ever will accuse us of packing ‘light’.

And that last pic was taken before I squeezed Sylvia’s suitcases into the back seat. I can’t count the number of times I packed and the repacked everything, but I am thinking I should take up Jigsaw Puzzles as the skills would translate well.

We are taking off in a fairly heavy Rainstorm, but sunnier and warmer days are ahead. Can’t wait!


9 responses to “We Are Off

  1. That is a full load, at least you saved room for Sylvia and her suitcase 🙂 Hopefully you hit better weather than the Coquihalla is getting. Safe travels.

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  2. Safe travels and good luck explaining all that stuff to the customs officer
    We pulled into Waco today. 91 F.


  3. Safe travels. Lookes like you left in the nick of time re the snow.

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  4. Safe travels, guys! We’re behind you by a week. Planning on arriving on Tuesday, Nov.6. Can’t wait!! See you then!

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  5. Jeanette and René Genereux

    Well done. Safe journey.👍😀


  6. I was going to comment on the border but I see you got through!


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