That Was Fun – Part 2

After the long drive to from Phoenix we got gussied up and checked out one of the trendy restaurants in San Diego. We had a large selection to choose from, and the one Diana chose for us was right next to Balboa Park, so after dinner we explored the park (in the Dark) to see where we might like to spend our time and cash.

Our first full day in San Diego was spent at the San Diego Zoo. We had taken our to kids there when they were actually kids, some 27{?} years ago. Needless to say, it has changed a bit. Many of the buildings and animal enclosures had a dedication plaque on them from the mid 90’s and newer, so we never saw them on our first visit.

IMG_5808 - CopyIMG_5810 - CopyIMG_5812 - CopyIMG_5825 - CopyIMG_5831 - Copy

The Leopards have a walkway right over out heads. I think they like looking down and dreaming about dinnertime…

IMG_5841 - CopyIMG_5848 - Copy

Two of the strangest animals we saw……

IMG_5854 - CopyIMG_5859 - CopyIMG_5862 - CopyIMG_5864 - CopyIMG_5866 - Copy

Like most zoos we’ve visited, many of the animals were lethargic and disinterested, but this Cheetah was always looking around and seeing what was going on outside the cage. What I found most intriguing was that they also housed a Yellow Labrador Retriever in the enclosure along with the Cheetah. It seems they are great friends.

IMG_5868 - Copy

The Pandas seem to be the highlight of the Zoo, judging by the crowds lining up to see them. Lots of Oohing and Awwing went on in front of the cage, but the solitary Panda that we could see didn’t move a muscle while we were there. Cute Pose though.20181221_135558

After a full day, we wandered back to our Beachside lodgings and enjoyed the sunset.



2 responses to “That Was Fun – Part 2

  1. What, no meerkats?


  2. Great picture of the two of you!


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