Happy New Year

Well, 2019 has now come, and unless your Crystal Ball is better than mine, we’ll all come together in 364 days and wonder how all this crazy stuff happened, just as we are doing this year.

2018 was an eventful year for us, with the various construction projects we took on here in Arizona and at home in BC. We are finally finished all the seasonal busyness that comes with Christmas and New Years, and we hope to get more involved in our regular activities here in Gold Canyon. Neither of us has hiked in a couple of weeks, nor have we had a chance to play any pickleball for even longer. Time for that to change.

First though, we had to finish off New Year’s. There is a party/dinner/dance held here by the park every year, and we’ve been several times since we started coming down earlier, but this year we decided to host a group of 18 in our new home. Our first Party! And those of you who know Sylvia well, know that she was nervous about it. For weeks!


The evening began with the TV tuned to the Canada/Russia Junior Hockey game, and while it was disappointing not to see a victory by Canada it was a fun game to watch. Of course there were several folks who didn’t care about hockey (yep, they were Americans) and one who was recording the game to watch the next day so we banished the non-Hockey personnel to the deck and the kitchen while we cheered and moaned over the results. It was pouring rain outside, and very cool, but hey, at least I left a couple of propane heaters on to keep them warm.

The evening went by quickly, with lots of silly games and plenty of laughter. A few folks even told us it was the first time they’d been able to stay up until Midnight in several years. As a friend of ours put it recently, 60 may be the new 40, but 9:00 PM is the new Midnight..


We woke up (late) this morning to a day with out rain, but due to the cool temps we were treated to a rare sight here. Snow on the mountains.

There wasn’t very much snow, and most of it was gone by the late afternoon, but interestingly, the last time we saw snow here was Jan 1, 2015. Must be some sort of a New Year’s thing. The mountain ranges behind the Superstitions were very pretty though, and here’s a photo I stole from a friend’s Facebook post. Thanks Hans.

We are intending to go hiking on Wednesday, but it is supposed to be several degrees below freezing, so we might just we wimping out… If this keeps up, we just might have to give up our Canadian Citizenship as we are turning into wimpy sun and heat loving southerners. We’ll let you know.



5 responses to “Happy New Year

  1. You certainly ended 2018 on a high note. Feliz Ano to you and all the best in the New Year.

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  2. Great picture of the snow on the mountains. It also looked like a great party and you were very generous leaving heaters on for those out on the porch … shame on them not wanting to watch the game! I guess if I had to miss one that was the one. Now I must go and cheer Canada on for this do or die game 🙂

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