In Case Anyone thought we were Bored

I know we haven’t done much with the Blog for a while, but we have been busy. We have been home for 2 months, got the yard in shape (the Lawn is fuller and thicker than ever), replaced some Rose’s that didn’t survive last winter, spent a couple of hundred hours getting our Pickleball club organized, scoped out Wedding Venues for our son (Painted Rock Winery in July 2020), turned our thoughts to what we can renovate next and tried to win the award for the longest sentence ever.

So, we have been anything but bored.

The first Reno on the agenda is our downstairs fireplace. The following pics are before, during, during again and after.

The stone only took about 7 hours to install over 2 days, but I still have some painting to do, as the Mantle and Hearth didn’t come off easily.

Next up is new flooring, and we have chosen Vinyl planking, as we really like the flooring we chose for our place in Gold Canyon. It should be installed in a few weeks

Pictures to follow.

2 responses to “In Case Anyone thought we were Bored

  1. Like the stone on the fireplace!!

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  2. Congrats on the longest sentence, I have tried many times to win that award :-). The yard and new fireplace look great!

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