A Kelowna Mini Blogger Convention

Our Summer has been rather busy, with visiting Parents, Kids and soon, Grandkids coming for several days each. Then there is the never ending Nature Retreat out of our back door where we watch the Hummingbirds, Golden Finches, Grouse and Owls frolic about in the ravine.

Then there is the constant battle with the local Deer who managed to mow down all of our Roses last night. And I do mean ALL. And who can forget the Bat that plopped out of our Sun Umbrella when I opened it up the other day. Never a dull moment around here.

We have also been busy with Pickleball, though I think we have spent close to 10 times more hours manning our laptops and spreadsheets than we have actually playing Pickleball. It has definitely shown in our lack of success on the courts.

This past weekend our local club hosted 300 players from several provinces at the Second Canadian Super Seniors Pickleball Tournament. Neither Sylvia nor I had much to do with the planning of the event this year, but still managed to put in 3 Fourteen hour days making sure it went smoothly.

Over the Summer a few fellow bloggers have contacted me wondering where I had disappeared to. I haven’t really gone anywhere, but what little work I have done with Social Media this summer has been on Facebook or Instagram, and very little of that to be honest.

Last week, Contessa of 5C’s Que Pasa called and said we should get together for dinner. We had spoken on the phone before and emailed many times, but had never met Face to Face. Also invited were the authors of Maxx Trails who we have met several times both here at home and in Arizona.

We arrived at Contessa and Colin’s place for a tour of their very classy home and gab fest at 5:00, went to the Italian Kitchen restaurant in their community at 7:00 and closed the place down before leaving after 10:00 (nobody told us the restaurant closed at 9:00…oops).

We spent those 5 hours talking about what we enjoy most: travel plans, projects and purchases and other bloggers (Were your ears burning Croft and René?) Somehow we never managed to get Colin to pick up one of his very special guitars and give us a mini concert though. Maybe next time.

To show how out of practice I am on the blogging side of things, I did not take a single picture, but Contessa was kind enough to send some our way.

The Three Musketeers, Rod, Contessa and Mrs Maxx.

The whole gang, including Colin who took the pic and inserted himself later. He is a Professional Photographer and is Very good with Photoshop. Behind us is Ellison Lake, which is Colin and Contessa’s front yard.

The start of a great meal and lots more talk. We have to do this again sometime soon. Next time though, Crofts Travels is going to be invited.

‘Til next time.

7 responses to “A Kelowna Mini Blogger Convention

  1. It was so much fun to get together with the six of us! Hopefully that was the start of a new annual tradition. And I didn’t realize the restaurant closed at nine … wow they were very patient with us 🙂 Thanks again for the ride, it was nice to let loose and not worry about driving home.

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  2. What a fun time meeting up with fellow bloggers in the area. Nice group picture of you all. We have not connected with Contessa and Colin since 2010 in Mexico.

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  3. I would like to have been a fly on that wall LOL. It looks like a great time though and yes I would love to be there next time.

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  4. Thank you for coming. It was a great time and for certain we will make it an annual event. It is now in my daytime for next summer. Although I will be sure to have Croft check his busy schedule first.

    You are having a busy summer. Hopefully you will get some rest when you hear south in the fall. Too bad about the dear.


  5. Nice get together. Good fun👍


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