Eight Days in the Sun

It’s hard to believe we have been in Arizona for an entire week.

During that time we’ve:

-Spent 3 days getting the house organized, cleaned up, packed away and supplied with Food (I should be buying shares in Costco).

-Had 2 softball practices and played one Double Header.

-Replace the Toilet built for Goliath with one we brought from home. The Replacement is fully 3.5 inches lower than the old one. My feet can reach the ground again!

-Attended 2 Pickleball Board meetings including one with the Resort Management. (I just wanna PLAY!)

-Helped spread 600 pounds of Grass Seed on the Softball field. (I also now seem to be the resident expert on Irrigation Systems, as I definitely have experience)

-Gone to a Live Play in Gilbert.

-Gone out for Dinner a couple of times (Thanks D & D)

-Gone on a 6 mile hike to test out Sylvia’s Tootsies (Successfully)

-Played some Pickleball (at least Sylvia has. I’ve not had a chance yet)

-Gotten the Church Sound board figured out and running for another year.

-Picked up supplies for some of the projects on the Honey Do list for this winter. The list is down to 8 items, and at least I have 5 months to accomplish them.

-Gone from ‘Were you warm enough under the covers last night’ to ‘Covers? Who needs Covers?’ in just a few days.

As usual we have swung into the Social and Activity side of life in Canyon Vistas with a Vengeance. We have held off a bit on the more adventurous Hiking though as we wanted to see how Sylvia’s Tender Tootsies would survive a moderate hike.


On Wednesday we took off by ourselves to try a gentle 6 mile hike along the base of the Superstitions called the Lost Goldmine Trail. It is a favourite of ours to get started for the year as there is not a lot of elevation to be encountered, but at 6 miles of Rolling Desert it is not just a walk in the park either. Sylvia did really well on the hike and didn’t experience any Major issues, although her feet were a bit tired by the time we finished. (Mine too)


We were quite surprised and concerned to see how much tall dead grass was still hanging around. Over the summer there was a large Human caused fire that lasted several weeks just beyond the Superstition Mountains. The final size was almost 125,000 Acres. “If you enlarge this map you can see how close it came to Gold Canyon, although it never came over the Mountains in front of our home. Most of the hiking we do is between the Red Fire Line and the Superstition Mountains in the bottom left corner of the picture. There has been quite a bit of flooding along the north side of the fire since the summer though, and the road from Tortilla Flat to Theodore Roosevelt Lake is closed due to washouts.WoodburyFire_map_1125pm_MST_6-27-2019

With fuel like this available, we can’t be surprised there was such a massive fire.


It was a bit cloudy to start the day, which kept the temperatures manageable, but by the time we were finished it was well over 84F/29C and this was at just 12 O’clock.


We have been walking past this particular Saguaro for several years. It is beginning to lean to the left as the malformed crest gets larger. It will be interesting to see how long it lasts.


And finally one last interesting bit of news. While we were out at the play the other evening a Rattlesnake decided to wander across our property. The Bricks you see here belong to our neighbour, but the Gravel is ours.


Kathy contacted the local Fire Department and they came by to relocate this fella. Top Right of this picture is where we park our Truck.

Snake 2

That’s just about enough excitement for this week.

3 responses to “Eight Days in the Sun

  1. Sounds like you both are enjoying your time, once again eager to hear all about your hikes, photos, and animal, or should I say snake encounters. Enjoy your time away.💗

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You did all that in one week?? You are human. Enjoy the next week.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I meant to say that you are superhuman!!!


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