One More Week

So now it’s been 2 weeks since we arrived in Gold Canyon. The Honey-Do list is somewhat…..changed… but not much smaller. It seems that every time we finish something and write it off the list we come up with something else to add.

This week we managed to get all of our baseboards re-attached as the very fine Pin Nails holding them in place didn’t hold up well in some areas. The heat of the summer seems to have warped some of the boards (and I use the word board loosely, as they are mostly a compressed paper product). They are now in place with somewhat larger finishing nails, and they should hold up much better (I hope so anyway). I also managed to get some Metalwork done on the Ironing Board we have here. There was a rather cumbersome bracket that was meant to hold on to the Iron when you put it down (Ok, when Sylvia put it down. I would likely burn a hole in everything I tried to Iron). With some of the projects I plan on doing in the Laundry Room there was no room for this bracket where we now need to put the board. So, I managed to delicately remove the bracket with the help of a very large set of pliers and a very large hammer. I am really glad there is a pad that goes on top of the Board, as it doesn’t look quite a pretty as it once did.

We added a task to our list as out Dining table didn’t survive the summer heat very well. We noticed that the finish was starting to peel off last Spring, and decided after a few days here that we had better re-finish it before it fell apart completely. So, after a run to Home Depot, several coats of stain and more coats of painted on Varathane interspersed with lots of sanding and vacuuming, we decided it looked worse than when we started.

After another trip to Home Depot to pick up a spray can of Varathane, more sanding and application of the aerosol finish we managed to finish it up on Tuesday, which happened to coincide with the day we had the most dust in the air that we’ve seen since we arrived. Since I was spraying the final coats outside in the back of the truck we had some challenges, but the finished product looks pretty good. 20191114_203414

There are still a half dozen or more items on the To-Do list, so this is going to be an ongoing theme this winter. Hopefully we won’t add many more jobs to the list.

We have managed to get involved in a couple of more meetings with the Resort Management over the Pickleball program here at Canyon Vistas. The schedule for the season is now set, as is the process for adding volunteers to the committee which oversees the sport. Who knew a bunch of Seniors would have so much trouble keeping everyone happy on the courts. We have actually managed to find some time to play the sport and are settling in nicely at the courts. There are always new players showing up, and the lesson program here is absolutely packed with newbies. I have a feeling the courts are going to be pretty busy this year.

I managed to make it to the Hiking meeting this week as our Softball game was played after Noon. Sylvia and I had a desire to head out on one of our favourite hikes this week, both to test out her foot a bit more and because Butcher Jones is flat out one of the prettiest hikes we go on every year. As it was our idea we got to lead the hike and on Wednesday we managed to herd 36 people out to Saguaro Lake to see the sites. Many of these hikers had never been on the trail before, even some who have been here for several years . It was also the first hike I have led in a couple of years, and that was just a bit stressful.

The hike is only 5 miles in length, and pretty well all of it is in sight of Saguaro Lake. Who says the desert is dry and boring???

20191113_09173620191113_09302620191113_102641The trail was rather busy as it is close to town and obviously pretty, but we never felt crowded, and had the viewpoint to ourselves when we arrived.

20191113_105854Sylvia had a great hike, and no issues with her feet. Maybe, just maybe we will have a good hiking season this year.


One of the bonuses to this hike is that the far end of the lake houses the Saguaro Lake Marina and a very good restaurant. After the hike more than a dozen of us descended upon the Restaurant to enjoy the good food.

And that was the past week with more of the same to come, although the temperatures are supposed to drop quite a bit by the end of next week and we are supposed to get quite a bit of rain. That will make it easier to get to the items on the Honey-Do list anyway.

5 responses to “One More Week

  1. That sounds like a nice hike and I’m so glad that Sylvia is able to comfortably hike again. And from the picture, the table looks pretty good!

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  2. Jeanette and René Genereux

    You are busier than when you held a full time job😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. A small group of us were at Butcher Jones as well and saw your caravan. Our settling in process at GC RV & Golf has taken a bit longer this year as we made the leap and purchased a park model. Should be fully moved in today (who knew you could get so much stuff in a 5th wheel) and the To Do list is already growing.
    Hope to get Wiebe’s Wandering back up and running soon.

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  4. I love that table, sorry it has given you so much grief. Glad that you could save it. Many think do not seem to last from the heat of the summer as we are just finding out ourselves. Good news that Sylvia is mobile again.

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