A Leisurely Walk in the Superstitions?

Not Really. It is not that there are no easy, less challenging hikes in the Superstition Mountains, but it seems that we don’t seem that interested in taking them anymore.

The hike scheduled for this Wednesday is called the Weaver’s Needle Crosscut. I can’t show you the track of our hike this time, as the narrow canyons we wandered through caused Havoc with the GPS receiver on my phone, and I have a couple of massive Zig-Zags on the highlighted track which showed us travelling an additional 3 miles on top of the 8.7 miles we actually walked.IMG_6037

I can give you a bit of a description of the hike though. We leave the packed parking lot at the Peralta Trail head and immediately begin climbing Cardiac Hill. This is a walk straight up the hill where we gain about 800 feet in 25 minutes. This section is done with a minimum of 3 rest stops, and even more if a hiker needs to stop and ‘take pictures’…..OK, I was sucking air into my lungs and trying to keep the camera steady at the same time.IMG_6038IMG_6041

Then we wander into Barks Canyon and continue climbing to the point where we intercept the Terrapin trail.


We have been on this hike before, and have seen water along here before, but there was lots of water all along the hiking trail almost all day.

We follow Terrapin for a while until we catch sight of Weaver’s Needle. From most of our other vantage point where we can see the Needle, it looks like a single chunk of Rock. It is only when we get off to this side of the rock can we tell that there are two chunks of rock that make up the feature.

IMG_6057IMG_6058We also ran into Darkwing Duck, or the Iowa Hawkeye mascot depending upon your perspective.

IMG_6060Right about here we stopped for lunch and a rest before heading up and over a ridge on a path that is charitably called difficult.


And what goes up, must come down. At one point on the downhill section we followed the Blood Trail left by one of our faster hikers who left his mark on the rocks. Not a pretty sight.


As you can see, most of the time on this section was spend clinging to rocks and trying not to fall down into the valley. Unfortunately this section of the hike proved to be a difficult section for Sylvia, and her Foot/Nerve issue started to flare up again. By the time we started to climb up out of the valley she had to take a break and rest. Once she spent 15 minutes cooling her foot on the Ice-Pack we use to keep our lunch cool she was OK for the rest of the way home though.IMG_6076IMG_6077

Once at the bottom we hooked up with the Peralta Canyon Trail and made our way back to Fremont Saddle. It was a bit of a strange day in the valley, as we were in Sun almost all of this section of the hike, but Weaver’s Needle was covered by clouds pretty well all the time I was trying to get a decent picture of the Needle.


Eventually we ended up back at Fremont Saddle, and here’s a picture from when we were there in December when the clouds didn’t interfere with the picture taking.


So all in all we ended up walking almost 9 miles (or 12 if you believe my phone), gained 2200 feet of elevation (3800 according to Mr. Samsung) and felt like we had pushed ourselves pretty hard. No wonder we only want to hike only once per week. We encountered lots of other hiking groups on the early part of the trail but once we turned towards Weaver’s Needle we didn’t see another soul until we reached Fremont Saddle and started walking the 2 miles back to the parking lot. That section is always busy and we passed a couple of dozen other hikers.

In other news, the Softball team is going along pretty well, and our team is 9-3 over the whole season. We only have 2 more weeks of ball before the playoffs, and I have a good feeling about this team’s potential to finish on top. We’ll see.

We haven’t been quiet on the Home Improvement side of things either as we purchased and installed a new Water Softener this week. And I still have room for other stuff in the Shed as I purchased an All-in-One unit that is quite compact. Now if it only works as advertised we’ll be thrilled.

And that was this past week’s adventures.

2 responses to “A Leisurely Walk in the Superstitions?

  1. What a fabulous hike!


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