Two More Hikes

Yesterday we took the time, while those around us celebrated the US Thanksgiving holiday,p to walk around Silly Mountain near our home. Our plan was to try some different types of shoes for Sylvia to see which provided the most comfort. The beauty of this plan is that we both have the same sized feet (yep, mine are small) so when she wanted to change it up we just had to swap footwear. At the end of the day she decide she would keep wearing her regular boots, which she didn’t even bring along to try.

Rather sad looking, but resilient, Saguaro.
Lots of new homes below the mountains.

After the successful trek yesterday we went with the club to Box Canyon, a short, pretty hike at the end of a long nasty dirt road.

Our first wildlife encounter.
The cow above was intently watching this fella who came along today.
Our second wildlife encounter. This guy was about the size of a dessert bowl.
Lots of rocks to climb over today.

And then we were done, after a great day on the trail. And Sylvia had NO foot issues today. Good news.

2 responses to “Two More Hikes

  1. Brian & Kathy Driver

    Yay for a good day for S’s feet. Happy for her. And interesting sights of God’s creation … and not just the scenery. Glad you warded off any attacks :)) It’s the BLUE Sky that wows us the most probably. None here. Closing some highways for Saturdays next downpour … Hwy 3, and others. Such devastation which is hard to repair when more and more rain falls. This week will be such an added challenge.

    So enjoy the warm sun, and don’t hurry home! The Drivers



  2. Hey Rod – can you e-mail me the picture of the 3 of us? I would love to add that to my photos of the hike if you wouldn’t mind! Thanks.


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