Black Cross Butte Hike

We didn’t head out on a ‘new to us’ hike today like we have been trying to but for one of our group of 4 it was a new hike. Donna is an avid hiker, and we have done one hike back in the Okanagan with them, but today she wanted to search for some Rose Quartz for some hobby projects. This is a unique bit of rock which appears in a few areas, and kinda resembles toothpaste that has been squeezed out of cracks in the solid rock.

Today’s hike was out beyond Tortilla Flat on a very windy road. More about this little tourist town later.

As you can see the desert here is not very flat and not very brown. Our hike today was just under 4 miles in length, but we climbed over 1300 feet of elevation.

Maybe the Military helicopter wanted to see the snow?

We had a bit of rain here yesterday, and it left a dusting of snow on 4 Peaks. It was pretty well gone by the time we finished our hike.

From the top we had great views of the Salt River below, and what has been called the Grand Canyon of the Superstitions by a few of our fellow hikers.

Again, not a cloud to be seen.

The Butte was above us all the way back to the truck.
Brittle Bush can grow anywhere.

And by early afternoon we were done.

Oh, except for a stop in Tortilla Flat to pick up a Waffle cone filled with Salted Caramel Gelato. Quite a treat to end the day.


One response to “Black Cross Butte Hike

  1. Looks like a great hike! Especially the part about the Salted Carmel Gelato! I LOVE that stuff!!!


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