Fish Creek Hike

Highway 88 in Arizona is also called the Apache Trail. From just outside of Apache Junction it winds through the mountains and parallels (in a rather twisty and convoluted way) the Salt River as it runs from Roosevelt Lake to Phoenix.

In the past several years various sections of it have been subjected to fires and then floods during Monsoon season. This has caused severe deterioration of the roadway in the steep gravel section along Fish Creek, and in 2019 the road was closed due to a landslide. And as it was a rather primitive one lane road section to begin with, it may never be rebuilt.

That doesn’t stop us from walking the road and climbing the boulders to see the sights though.

A bit of snow on the higher ridges.
What little clouds there were didn’t last.
Pretty steep canyon with rather minimal guardrails. Unless you think a bit of sand piled up will help.
Cool in the morning, as we started at high elevation.
Fish Creek and the Trail below.
Road Maintenance is now nonexistent.
The Saguaro have far outlived the Ironwood tree.
The biggest lanslide.
There was a way around, but there is no plan to remove the rocks.
From the Bottom.

The trek was 6 miles long, and about 900 feet of elevation. It was downhill all the way in, and uphill all the way back. At the end of the day another stop in Tortilla Flat for Gelato topped off the day. That’s getting to be a habit…

That is a waterfall up there. Yes, you have to look close.

One response to “Fish Creek Hike

  1. Gorgeous pictures, Rod!! It sure was a fun hike and a great day!!


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