On the Water, Finally.

No hiking today, but we finally got out onto Canyon Lake using our Christmas presents to each other.

That’s Sylvia on the right, somehow leading the way.

It was a very warm day, and just made for kayaking. We put in a few miles, and I am sure we will feel it in the morning, but had a great time testing out our inflatable watercraft.

It was not very breezy, and we managed to explore a few inlets, saw a couple of Bald Eagles, and a handful of Big Horn Sheep. I was not willing to break out my new phone on the water, so no pics.

A great day!

And to the best of our knowledge there is no video evidence showing Rod stumbling out of his Kayak at the end of the day, falling in the water and triggering his self-inflating life jacket. Too bad, as it entertained all the folks sitting on the beach. At least we don’t have to wonder if the Lifejackets are going to work….


4 responses to “On the Water, Finally.

  1. Looks like a real nice day on the water (in AZ no less!) … with grand finalé show stopper! Ahh … and we don’t even get to see it on Ytube 😩 . At least you know you won’t sink if you flip your new toys. Of course you wouldn’t be planning that … but you didn’t plan todays extravaganza either!!
    Brian & Kathy


  2. Wow. What a beautiful day and great fun! You are blessed that you are able to experience nature in such a different way!Regards,Kent

    Sent from AOL Mobile Mail


  3. Lovely Christmas gifts. Quite the end to your day. Do you now have to replace the entire life jacket or just the inside part?


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