Bulldog Canyon

So, we are back on a trail today that we have done a few times, but with a bit of a twist. Today our group consisted of 5 hikers, and not the 30+ that we have had on this trek in the past.

At times, when our group has not been too big and noisy and scared them off, we have seen Wild Horses in Bulldog Canyon, but not today. It seems the Tonto Forest Service has installed a few fences to keep the horses out of this area, and closer to the Salt River. I do know that there have been a lot of sightings along the river, so it appears the fences are working.

After an 86 degree day yesterday, it cooled off considerably, and the high was 68 today, with some rain in the forecast. The rain was good enough to hold off until we drove back into our driveway this afternoon.

It got cloudier as the Afternoon approached.

The hike was just over 5 miles, with about 1300 feet of elevation gain in two long climbs to get to a couple of Saddles. It was very windy at the saddles, and we had to hold onto our hats.

The desert flowers are starting to bust open, although the predictions are that the display will be skimpier than usual due to dry conditions.

Fairy Duster

And we saw lots of others, including many LYF, LWF, LPuF and LPiF varieties. (Little Yellow etc Flowers).

And that was the end of another great day on the trails.

Intrepid photographers looking for the best flower pics.


One response to “Bulldog Canyon

  1. Great pictures, Rod!! Great hike, despite the wind!!


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