Getting Geared up to go Home

In another 10 days or so we will be departing our winter home and heading back to BC.

It has been a good year for us, and while we try and pack in all the rest of the activities and visiting we want to do this next week, we have a lot of fond memories to look back on from the 2021-22 season. The season was not as busy with certain or our regular activities as we didn’t do as much hiking as we normally have, but we have added kayaking into our list of activities and along with the regulars like Pickleball, Softball and general merriment we were very busy.

We didn’t manage to get any hiking in last week, as we were busy with an in-house Pickleball Tournament here in our resort, and Rod managed to walk away with a Gold Medal, all thanks to being connected to the best partner the organizers could find.

The format for the tournament was a blind draw of partners, and Bev was just a little buzz-saw on the courts and we dominated our group. We didn’t lose a game during the whole tournament, but as we were also helping organize and referee a lot of games we were pretty busy from 7:00AM to 6:15 PM for 3 days. Neither Sylvia or I did well in the Men’s and Ladies events we were entered in, but we are not going to blame our partners for that.

After the tournament and and without a day off we managed to get a group dinner on our deck, a play, a Kayak trip and a hike into our agenda for this week. We usually manage to see 4 or 5 plays every year while we are here, as the local Theatre Company in Gilbert puts on a great show. This week’s fare was a 2 person musical called Daddy Long Legs, and the voices of the 2 actors were terrific.

Thursday was Kayak day and we had a 5 mile paddle around Canyon Lake. The following link will take you to half of our adventure (guess who forgot to turn on the Activity Tracker before we started….) and some of the pictures.

Then on Friday we went looking for Desert Flowers now that Spring is here. The flowers were a bit sparse compared to previous years, but rather pretty nonetheless.

And that’s this past 2 weeks. Next week we have friends visiting for a couple of days, another hike and Kayak day planned and whatever merriment and season ending parties we can fit in to our schedule.

2 responses to “Getting Geared up to go Home

  1. We are leaving Tucson on April 1st, maybe our paths will cross on the way home.

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  2. See you in the Okanagan if not before.


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