About us

I’ve finally got around to updating this info, and it’s current as of the Fall of 2013.

We both retired in 2010. Rod was granted an early retirement from the Phone company at the end of September, and Sylvia stuck it out at an accounting firm until the end of the year. There was no way she was going to put herself through another year of the dreaded ‘Tax Season’ in the following spring if Rod was at home just ‘Chillin’.  On her last day of work, she arrived early to clean out her desk, and by that afternoon we were on an airplane to visit with our kids in Calgary for a few days before heading to the sunbelt for the rest of the winter.

We said at the time we were embarking on a time of travel and discovery. I know, sounds cheesy, but we’re just planning on seeing as much as we can and doing as much as we like as quickly as possible. Life is short, and we’re going to enjoy it as much as we possibly can.

In 2011 we traveled around North America in our 29 foot 5th Wheel nicknamed Taj Mahal by some of my former co-workers. It is far from outlandish compared to what we’ve seen in the Sunbelt, but is very comfortable for us to travel and explore in.  Our journey took us first to Arizona for 3 months to get used to the idea of living in a trailer, and then a four and a half month trip across Canada  some of the Northeastern US and then back to Vancouver Island. We had many wonderful adventures which we’ve documented here, and encourage everyone to see as much of their own country as they can. We live in a very interesting part of the world, and  don’t think we could ever see it all.

In 2012 we started the year by heading back to Arizona for 3 months to find some sun and warmth, and once we got home to Vancouver Island we started to put a plan in place to move to our ultimate retirement destination, the Okanagan Valley in BC. We spent the rest of the Spring clearing out the things we didn’t need in our house and put it on the market in early June. We immediately took off in the RV to the Okanagan and started looking for a suitable home. In the month that we were there we drove by or looked at over 200 homes trying to find the perfect spot, and eventually we ended up in West Kelowna in a home that ticked off almost all of the boxes on our must-have list, as well as a few extras that we hadn’t thought of. We found that it wasn’t easy to find a relatively new home with RV parking, easy access, and a lake view. We ended up with all of these, but you do really have to look hard to see the lake from our new place.

009.jpgWe moved into our new home in October, and by Christmas we were again on our way south to spend the rest of the winter at Canyon Vistas RV Park in Gold Canyon near Phoenix. We’ve made lots of friends there, and really have enjoyed the outdoor activities and cultural opportunities available to us in that area.

We arrived back in the Okanagan in early April, and for the rest of the summer we pretty well stayed put, and entertained friends and family who came to visit. It seems that people really do like the Okanagan, as we’ve had far more visitors than we ever had when we lived in the central Vancouver Island.

We have several places we want to see around the world on our ‘Bucket List’ so we’ll see how this all goes over the next several years. Any place we can find that has a museum and a hiking trail is fair game for us, so we have lots of choices ahead of us. If you want to come along on the adventure, feel free to come back and visit with us on our blog.


2 responses to “About us

  1. I am a friend of Norma and Croft and I am in Sydney taking the ferry to NF tomorrow maybe we will meet on the road safe travels Les…my blog http://www.mexicokid.blogspot.com


    • Hi Les: I do know of you as I’ve seen your name in Crofts Blog. I believe you rented his RV parking for an enormous sum last summer:)
      I’m curious which way you’re going, Argentia or Port-aux-Basques?


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