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Another Week, Another Hike

This week’s excursion was to a Rock Outcropping  called Praying Hands. I didn’t get any decent pictures of the formation itself, as the Sun seemed to be in the wrong location no matter what part of the day it was and they were all washed out.


Like all of our days here in Arizona so far this year it was warm and sunny, just the way we like it. There were 30 of us on the hike this time, and it was about a 5 mile wander in the desert. We even managed to bring home the exact number of hikers we started with, and unlike last week’s hike nobody left any unnecessary spots of blood in the desert, so the day was a success.


I’ve said it before, but I have friends who think that the desert is brown and ugly. Maybe that’s what it looks like from a car on the highway, but the desert and the vistas never fail to amaze.



I read an article last year that stated the desert around Phoenix was the wettest desert on earth. Last year that was easy to believe as we had the wettest winter we’d experienced in our 7 seasons here. This year they’ve had virtually no rain here since August, and while the desert looks rather green right now, it’s not going to last.


This next shot was taken from the base of the Praying Hands formation during our snack stop and that’s as close as I got to taking a picture of the Hands.



The rest of our week has been busy getting settled here. We seem to be spending a lot of time shopping for stuff for the Park Model which we still haven’t seen any progress on. But at least we’re going to have ‘Stuff’ to put in place once we finally move in.

We’re pretty involved in activities this year as we’re on the Pickleball exec as well as the Church Council. Both of those are keeping us busier than we’d like, but we still find time to enjoy ourselves as much as we can. We even managed to catch up with Rene and Jeanette, who we met through the Blog world a few years ago. They’re staying in our park for a couple of weeks while they catch up with friends and get in some quality time on their Motorcycle.

See you next week.


Let the Hiking Begin

We managed to get in a 5.5 mile hike with 32 other members of the club here at Canyon Vistas today. It was almost a perfect day for a hike, with brilliant blue skies and warm temperatures. The night before was a bit iffy though, as we experienced a sudden rainstorm in the middle of the night. It made me wonder if we would be hiking, but by morning the skies were virtually cloudless and the skies were exceptionally clear.







We’ve been here in Arizona for almost a week now, and have played some pickleball, been picked up by a softball team, cleaned the RV, caught up with friends, and met some new ones already. Oh, and we’ve also been sent some pictures of what we’ve been missing at home. Snow, and lots of it. Arizona is much better for my disposition than shovelling snow. Here’s our yard after the first little snowfall. Since then, there’s been about another 8 inches accumulate, and it doesn’t seem to want to warm up and melt. We got away just in time.


Not much is happening with our new home down here, but when it does, I’ll let you know.

84°F Today!

I think you have it figured by now that I like warm temperatures, and today fit the bill quite nicely. 

We are parked in Wikieup Arizona, just a few hours from our destination. It wasn’t 84 when we parked, but it was still in the high 70’s. Warm enough to sit in the Sunshine and wind down with an Adult Beverage. 

The skies are clear of smoke here, but that wasn’t the case at all from Northern California to the Arizona Border. It’s nice to see the mountains again, and to be able to see the wonderful vistas that we love about Arizona.

The RV site here in Wikieup is rather spartan, but when you spend $21US a night and compare it to the $68 we spent last year just to sleep in Lake Havasu, we’re not unhappy with our decision to stay here. And that’s after checking in at an Office plastered with MAGA and ‘Hillary should be in Jail’ posters. The political discourse this winter is going to be interesting.

79° F. Shhhh.

We made it to the Rolling Hills Casino RV park this afternoon, about 430 miles from where we started. We’ve never stayed here before, but it was the furthest RV site from our starting point that I thought we could make it to before I gave up for the day.

Neither of us are into gambling, but decided we’d better wander through the Casino to see if we’re missing anything. If a lot of noise and lights and Cigarette Smoke is for you, then have at it. We were out the door in a couple of minutes, and continued our walk in the fresh air and Sunshine. Did I mention that it was 27° C? Or that it was -6°C in Kelowna this morning?

We ran into a fair bit of smoke in the air around Mt. Shasta, kind of what we had to put up with all summer in the Okanagan. There wasn’t hardly a cloud in the Sky, but pictures were out of the question. Besides, the Chief Naggagator and picture taker was asleep as we passed the mountain.

Tomorrow we should be at the Orange Grove in Bakersfield, just under 400 miles away. Then on to Lake Havasu or possibly Wickieup or Wickenburg. Two very small Arizona towns.  It all depends on how early we get away, and how close I want to be to our destination by Thursday morning. With the pace we’ve made so far we could likely be in Gold Canyon by late Wednesday, but I would be a worn out puppy by then.

Until tomorrow….

Easy Peasy

While the Road Sign that stated there was a 5 minute wait at the US border crossing underestimated the wait time by more than 25 minutes, the border crossing itself was one of the easiest we’ve ever experienced. 

Other than a direct question on how many days ‘exactly’ we were planning on staying in the US, the questions were simple and routine. The last time I told a border agent we were planning on being across the border for 115 days he jumped all over me, not believing I would know the number precisely. It just happened to be the number of days of Travel Insurance we had purchased so we weren’t going to be staying one day longer.
We were through the Border in less than 4 minutes, and for once weren’t subjected to an Agricultural Inspection. After such a quick start to our day, we made good time and stopped for the night in Salem Oregon. Traffic in both Seattle and Portland was easy to deal with, but that’s why we decided to leave on Sunday. We didn’t see much scenery, as we left behind Sunny BC and ran into a fog bank just south of Bellingham, and it has never really lifted. It is sprinkling here in Salem, but is supposed to be nice tomorrow in Northern California. Can’t wait!

Does This Still Work?

Yes, it’s been a while since I posted anything on the blog. Life has been busy for us this summer,  and I just didn’t feel motivated enough to add blogging to our list of duties.

It’s not that we hung around with nothing to do all year, as our yard and Visitors kept us busy as usual. We had Young Son visit us twice this summer, which was a real treat. Since he moved to England we’ve ‘almost’ seen him as much as when he lived in Calgary. Aren’t Airplanes wonderful things?

Our Grandkids and Jocelyn were here 3 times over the season, and we were able to entertain our Grandkids for a couple of 4 day visits. That’s just about all we could handle at a time, as they wore us out!

Sylvia’s folks both came for Short visits, and that was great, but we also made trips to visit them a few times. Unfortunately most of those visits centered around funerals as Sylvia lost an Aunt and an Uncle this year. 

Softball and Pickleball kept us active all summer, both physically and mentally. The softball season lasts almost 4 months, with 2 Doubleheaders per week. By the end of August I was quite done with ball, and didn’t play all that well anyway. Our Pickleball Club was organized into a recognized club this Summer at the request of the City who provided us with 8 new courts this June. Sylvia and I are both on the club Executive, her as Treasurer, and me as Secretary and ‘Web Guy’. You can see my handiwork at and at


We had quite an issue with Floods and then Forest Fires in BC this summer. A few fires were close to us, but no matter where they were the Smoke settled into our Valley and impacted the skies for weeks. We tried to get above the smoke and went for a hike with Al and Donna at the Silverstar Ski Hill, but still had to deal with the smoke. And this was on a supposedly bright sunny day.

We did manage to get a few short hikes in as the summer went along, but will need to get in shape once we get to Arizona. 

Our yard and neighbourhood have kept us entertained all summer. We had a couple of families of Owls hatched in the ravine behind us. It kept the local mouse population in check, and we had no interlopers in our RV this year. 

We decided to remove our 5 fruit trees from our yard as they were much more costly than just purchasing the fruit from the local vendors. The local quail have now discovered the grass seed  I planted where the trees were and I don’t think anything is going to grow. Oh well.

We managed to get in a few visits with the Maxx Trails and the Driving Miss Daisy bunch who are fellow bloggers from the Okanagan and had a great time. They were both situated at Bear Creek Provincial Park near our home and enjoyed their summer.

Tomorrow we are crossing into the USA, and should be parked in Canyon Vistas by Thursday. We better make it, as we already have dinner plans for that night! We are in the trailer for November and December, as our New to Us Parkmodel isn’t ready yet. More on that later. 

Thanks for waiting around for us. I will be posting some more over this winter, I promise.