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Just About Done

So, we’ve been home for almost a week, and things are starting to resemble normal. It really doesn’t take us long to unload the trailer, but then all the work begins. It took us until Sunday to get all the stuff sorted out, laundered, put back in the trailer as necessary and finally return our Dining Room to it’s original condition. For a few days it has looked like some of the Second Hand stores we’ve seen in Apache Junction. Crowded and disorganized.

In our last post I promised to put up some pictures of our trip home, but just haven’t had the time to get the pictures sorted and organized. We really didn’t take many pictures, but here’s a few.

Our drive through Los Angeles wasn’t a highlight by any means, but the trek over the Tejon Pass allowed us to see hillsides full of California Poppies.


Between California and BC we didn’t take a single picture, but the rest of these are from our trip over the Coquihalla Highway to our home in the Okanagan.

The lower reaches of the Coq were pretty clear.


And the snow was on the mountains where it belonged and not on the road.


The highest point of the drive is the Pennask Summit, less than 30 miles from our home. There was quite a bit of snow along the roadside, but thankfully nothing actually on the road.IMG_4251IMG_4252IMG_4257

And then we were home. Like a lot of places in North America, it’s been a slow start to spring. The next two pics are of a Dogwood tree that is alongside the parking lot at our church. The first was taken exactly one year ago, and the second was taken this afternoon. Quite different.


And now that we’re home we’ve already begun looking for music events to attend. We’ve purchased tickets for a couple of shows in June and on Saturday attended a regular event for us, the Coldstream Coffee House. One of the highlights of the night was a 5 year old boy who played guitar, harmonica and sang and did them all very well. When I was 5 I could hardly talk and walk at the same time.

Image may contain: 2 people, people on stage, people playing musical instruments and guitar

A second highlight was to watch Sylvia’s brother perform a couple of songs, including one of his own creation. The picture isn’t mine, and he sounded wonderful.

Image may contain: 1 person, on stage and playing a musical instrument

The feature act of the evening was a group called The Creeks. I really got a kick out of seeing the guy on the left play a Ukulele sized Bass. I didn’t realize it was a Bass until he started plucking the strings.Image may contain: 4 people, people on stage, people playing musical instruments, guitar and concert

The only part of our house that still looks like a hurricane has hit it is our office. We are in the midst of doing our taxes, and have a number of new files to set up now that we have a second home to organize. Have I mentioned that Sylvia loves spreadsheets and filing cabinets? Between the 4 drawers of files at home, the box full of files we carry in the RV and another drawer we’re setting up for the Parkmodel, I think we have cornered the market on Hanging files and Manila folders.

The weather is supposed to improve over the next few days, and hopefully we’ll be playing some Pickleball soon. The cool wet weather has at least made it easier to sit inside and file our taxes. What fun we have…..

Home Sweet Home!

After 3 days of visiting Sylvia’s folks and  getting everyone’s Income Taxes filed we headed for home this morning. We drove into the driveway by mid afternoon and spent 3 hours unloading most of the trailer. Not that we put all of it away; it will probably take us a couple of days to figure out where to put everything. And then there will be a few days of searching the drawers and cabinets to find where we put the stuff. 

The roads were clear and dry, although there was a lot of snow in the highest pass we went through. Pictures will be along in a day or so when I get my computer set up. Now our so called Normal Life can begin again.

Welcome Back.

At least that’s what the border guard said to us as she handed us back our passports. We had a short 4 hour drive today which took 5 hours and absolutely no drama as we crossed the border.

The extra time was on account of Tacoma traffic. Here’s the view we saw for quite a while.

The rest of the drive through Seattle was quick and uneventful. A not so usual occurrence from our past experience.
We’re planted in the Freak Of Nature’s back yard (Sylvia’s Dad) for a couple of days watching the rain fall, and believe you me, it’s falling hard right now. We’ll be here for a few days before heading home.

We Had Some Help

Our drive on Friday between Canyonville Oregon and Centralia Washington was fairly short 300 miles, and also fairly quick. We also got great fuel mileage, as we had a 30 mph tailwind for most of the day.  That is a rather odd occurrence, as it seems no matter which way we go it’s always into a headwind. 

Our night at Seven Feathers resort was quiet from a standpoint of Highway noise, as the RV park is isolated from the Interstate quite nicely, but had a few other interesting events. All during our setup we could hear someone in the canyon behind us discharging a high powered rifle. There must have been more than 50 shots fired, and with the accompanying echo it as just a bit uncomfortable. Then, by mid evening the wind and rain came with a vengeance and I eventually had to pull in our big slide, as the topper was flapping like it wanted to fly away.

In the morning when I was trying to pack up our hoses etc. our site was surrounded by about 3 inches of water. It made for an interesting departure, and I was happy I brought along extra work clothes and shoes, as it was also still pounding rain. 

Midway RV in Centralia is also far off the highway, and I think this was actually our quietest trip home other than the windstorm.

In a short while we’re off to cross the border, and our other life begins again. At least we’re not dealing with this stuff like we did in 2011 near Zion Canyon. At least not yet, though the pass into the Okanagan is still seeing lots of snow. But that’s a problem for later in the week.

No View of Mt Shasta Today

We made it as far as Canyonville Oregon today, a total of  462 miles, but we were done  almost a half hour earlier than yesterday’s drive of 406 miles through Los Angeles. The weather has definitely changed since yesterday. When we were setting up in Patterson, CA the temperature was approaching 80F and we’d seen highs of 86 during the day.

On our drive today the temperature dropped as low as 39F when we were in Weed, CA near Mt Shasta and the clouds were right down to the deck. We never got a glimpse of Mt Shasta which was a disappointment. We did catch a few glimpses of Lake Shasta and were quite surprised by the high level of the lake. It’s almost 150 feet higher than when we drove past in 2015 which is about 3 times more water storage than just 18 months ago. I think the drought has been broken….for now at least.

By the time we arrived at the Seven Feathers RV resort the temperatures had climbed back up into the high 60’s, but the rains started soon after we arrived and haven’t let up all evening. Welcome back to the Northwest…..At least it’s not snowing, which is happening around Mt Shasta as I write this.

Tomorrow we’ll be somewhere in central Washington, and then back in Canada on Saturday. The drive tomorrow will be somewhere short of 300 miles followed by just over 200 miles on Saturday. We’re looking forward to some shorter days.

Well, That was a Dumb Move

We left Desert Hot Springs shortly after 8 AM and figured we’d be arriving in the Los Angeles basin late enough to miss the worst of the traffic. The plan was to stay as far North as we could and skirt the traffic by taking I-210. The only problem was we missed the right turn. 

No problem, as we had several other route options to reach I-5 and our route north. By the time we got to I-215 and then I-15 we were cruising along at 50+ Mph and figured we’d just stay on I-10 as it was working out great. Just, and I mean JUST as we passed the turn for 15 both of our phones went nuts with notifications about multiple accidents on I-10 and delays of up to 90 minutes. 

Within a mile we came to a dead stop and it took us an hour to travel the next 6 miles or so until we reached the cut-off to allow us to finally reach 210. After that it moved pretty well, although there were a few spots where we slowed down for construction and to deal with looky loo’s who were trying to figure out why the highway was blocked going the opposite way.

The rest of the drive was uneventful and we made it to Patterson, CA just after 5:00. This made for a long day of driving but Sylvia treated us to a dessert of Ice Cream bars to finish off our evening. She felt she had to give me a treat, as she wanted to watch her Dancing show all night on our PVR.

The countryside looks green and healthy for a change. All the rains this winter seem to have done some good. It was 84F when we arrived, but depending on how far we get tomorrow, this could be our last day of shorts and T-shirts for a while.